The Beginning of Decriminalizing Bigamy

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I have a friend who married a man several years ago and unknowingly stepped in a pile of crap that would blow her mind along with a few other people. Anyway for over a year she has been trying to get the authorities to help her get divorced from her astranged husband. She has been trying to find a way to get help from the people that's suppose to uphold the law but to me they aren't upholding anything criminally in her case except their turning the other cheek law. So she split up with her husband years ago and just recently found out he moved to another state and married another woman without divorcing her at all. So now this piece of shit is married to 2 women at one time. To say that's fair is bullshit. My poor friend has nothing with this guy as far as property, kids or anything like that, and all she wants is a simple divorce. I looked into this and in the state of Kentucky bigamy is a class D felony. The other state her husband resides in its a misdemeanor but either way she can't get the law to help her not even the prosecuting attorney will contact her. Its their job to stop people who break the laws but in this case they might as well be putting more effort into decriminalizing bigamy instead of prosecuting idiots like this one who makes fun of the law and sadly enough has a reason to as far as I can see. Come on now people if the law isn't going to uphold the law why do we have them. Well they got to face the lord one day and they will have to explain why they didn't uphold the law and his word. I fill sorry for those poor people.

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Crap this is about me and thanks for writing this

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